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30th Anniversary Studio Series Blade Replica

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All orders placed ON 12/18 will ship within 72 hours!
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The original PUPPET MASTER turns 30 (!) next year and we're kicking the sick soiree off early this month, with the release of our VERY special 30th Anniversary salute to PUPPET MASTER's stab-happy, hook-handed mascot: Blade! 

These are GOREgeous LIMITED EDITION replicas that will go on sale 12/18 and retail for $600 USD

From his expertly tailored overcoat, to a his signature metal hook, the hard resin, multi-function portrait (including hinged jaw and retractable 'eye-spikes'), flowing, rooted hair, feet cast from screen-used puppets from PM 1 and PM 2, boots with real leather soles, a hat with hand sewn quality felt, and an articulated, premium quality wood body, this is the full-scale Blade figure you've been dreaming about! 

Simply no expense has been spared, and no detail overlooked. Each 30th Anniversary Studio Series Blade replica is the finest collectible Full Moon has ever offered, hand-made, and ready to become the centerpiece of your collection!


Check out the incredible photos below and see what we mean! 

All orders placed ON 12/18 will ship within 72 hours. If you're a Full Moon collector, you're going to want to jump on this one!

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