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Aliens vs. Humans 3 DVD Slimline Set

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This new collection includes SEEDPEOPLE, OBLIVION, and OBLIVION 2: BACKLASH. All three DVDs come together in a special, space-saving slimline DVD case.



The ROOT of all evil...The sleepy little town of Comet Valley has been invaded by plants from outer space. Intent on taking over the Earth, the space plants have found a way to pollinate humans, thus turning them into walking seed carriers. Can the resourceful residents fight off the alien invaders, or is the planet doomed to become an alien garden?

87 mins / STEREO / Widescreen / Rated R / 1992



It's high noon in outer space...on a frontier light years from OK Corral, a bizarre gang of futuristic desperados have their sights set on turning the tumbleweed town of Oblivion into their own private playground. Their lizard-like leader REDEYE (Andrew Divoff), pumps lawman MARSHALL STONE (Michael Genovese) full of lead in a deadly shootout just outside of MISS KITTYS (Julie Newmar) Kat House and begins terrorizing the towns inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Stones long lost pacifist son ZACK (Richard Joseph Paul) and his native sidekick BUTEO (Jimmy F. Skaggs) are escorted into town by the eerie undertaker GAUNT (Carrel Struycken) to pay their respects at the Marshalls funeral. Rendered helpless by Redeye, the tough as nails Cyborg Deputy (Meg Foster) and the Marshalls old friend DOC VALENTINE (George Takei) team up with Zack to take back the troubled town in a final unearthly showdown

94 mins / STEREO / Widescreen / 1994 / PG-13



It's High Noon at the End of the Universe...The comedy-western-science-fiction saga continues as the dusty town of "Oblivion" plays host to a motley collection of space-travelling aliens. This time, a whip-wielding villainess named Lash (Musetta Vander) stakes claim to a mine of precious "derconium" at the outskirts of town. Featuring an all-star cast with Richard Joseph Paul, Jackie Swanson, Musetta Vander, Andrew Divoff, Meg Foster, Isaac Hayes, Julie Newmar, Carel Struycken, George Takei, Irwin Keyes. Directed by Sam Irvin.

83 mins / Stereo / Widescreen / Rated PG-13 / 1996


DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0


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