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Bad Channels Soundtrack CD

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Bad Channels Soundtrack CD
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Bad Channels Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Limited Collector's Edition CD, 2014 Re-Release

Features music by

Blue Öyster Cult
Fair Game featuring Ron Keel, Tommy Thayer, and Marc Ferrar
Sykotik Sinfoney
Fair Game

CD format. Also available on Vinyl! Click here.

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Film synopsis:

There's a hip new disc jockey at KDUL, Superstation 66, and he's about to make rock and roll history. He's Dangerous Dan O'Dare (Paul Hipp), the most controversial DJ to hit the airwaves and he's going to give his listeners the time of their life. Dangerous Dan is newly employed at KDUL after a six month suspension by the FCC for a stunt he pulled while on the air. He's changing the station's image and contents: from only polka music to a more lively rock and roll. Since he's always the jester, Dan is starting out with a bang.

Covering the event for Cable World Network is Lisa Cummings (Martha Quinn) who doesn't trust Dan and thinks he's a hoax. She becomes the butt of his jokes when she spots a UFO landing near the radio station and Dan is quick to laugh until the alien breaks into KDUL.

As hard as Dan tries to convince the listeners of what's happening, it all backfires as it appears to be another one of his jokes. When Lisa gets miniaturized, along with Cookie (Charlie Spradling) and two other women, she finally believes Dan and they discover the one thing that will stop the alien DJ and make the airwaves safe again.

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