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Bunker of Blood 02: Deadly Dolls: Deepest Cuts DVD

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Deadly Dolls: Deepest Cuts

Once more, we follow the mind-bending adventures of a nameless drifter with an impossibly high pain tolerance, who finds himself trapped in the lair of "The Gore Collector", a sadistic curator of carnage who is well past his prime and now seeks an heir to take over his evil operation. Deep within The Gore Collector's "Bunker of Blood", the perverse programmer subjects the man to a non-stop shock treatment of some of the goriest and gruesomest moments from some of Full Moon's most iconic film franchises. Will he survive? DEADLY DOLLS: DEEPEST CUTS features the sickest scenes from classic flicks like BLOOD DOLLS, DOLL GRAVEYARD, DANGEROUS WORRY DOLLS, DEMONIC TOYS and more, mashing them together with macabre music and brand new moments of body-breaking mayhem.

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