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Calendar Girls DVD

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(aka Young Seducers 3)
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Calendar Girls

Swiss sexploitation film legend Erwin C. Dietrich returns once more to his fabled The Young Seducers franchise with Calendar Gilrs (aka The Young Seducers 3), yet another fabulous frig-fest featuring his muse, the comely Swedish starlet Ingrid Steeger in all sorts of compromising, carnal positions. Like with the other films in this titillating trilogy, Dietrch forgoes formal plot in favor of stringing together a series of erotic vignettes in which young, nubile nymphos go the distance to get their rocks off, all in the name of good, no=so-clean, Eurotrash fun!


Watch the super-sexy Steeger split her oppressive all-girls boarding school and hit the road, hitching a ride and telling her fellow travelers tall-tales of her shocking, salacious encounters with both men and women. Directing under his often used pseudonym Michael Thomas, Dietrich delights in illustrating these stories in graphic detail, putting his all-star cast (including Karin Hoffman, Chitta Coray, Nadine De Rangot and more) through the messy motions in ways that will make even the most serious softcore cinema scholar blush. Calendar Girls finishes off The Young Seducers series with the happiest endings!

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