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Company Girls DVD

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Company Girls DVD
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It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and she’s the head bitch in charge!  Meet Bridget Charleston (Jadra Holly), a no-nonsense CEO with a passion for money rivaled only by her passion for… passion!  Enter her boardroom bordello for a debriefing you’re sure to find executive sweet, with openings in every position.

It takes a special kind of woman to get on top, and Theresa Wiley (August Arroya) knows that means doing all the work.  So she takes on every job she can and never says no, sweating through hours of overtime, as they work her raw.  But Theresa knows that sometimes to get the carrot, you gotta take the stick.  So take it she does, until the stick can give no more.  But when Theresa sets her sites on the boss’s man, will her heart endure the beating some other organs have?

See what it takes to get head in the world of business (and no, we don’t mean THAT kind of business… or do we?) and step aside to let the working girls work it!


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