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Crash And Burn DVD

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Crash And Burn DVD
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The weapons of the future are alive...

It s the year 2030 and man s worst nightmares have become an oppressive reality. Ultra violet rays have punched through the ozone layer and parched the earth, dooming it to eternal summer. And Big Brother has come to life in the form of UNICOM, a multi national corporation that has taken control following a computer induced economic holocaust and various governments defaulting on their national debts.

A group of dissenters, the Independent Liberty Union, has surfaced to fight UNICOMS s autocracy. One such dissenter is Lathan Hooks (RAPLH WAITE), who together with his granddaughter Arren (MEGAN WARD), runs a TV station in the sand-blown desert. They ve set up shop in an old junkyard and are using abandoned primitive technology to run the show, in a world where all computers and robots have been banned.

Lathan fears the worst when Tyson Keen (PAUL GANUS), a UNICOM employee, arrives unexpectedly at the station. Sure enough, later that night, Lathan plunges to his death in what appears to be an accident. Arren believes that Lathan has been murdered and she discovers that the murder is a synthoid - a human-like robot - that is programmed to kill all who pose a threat to UNICOM.

The only thing that can stop the virtually indestructible Synthoid is a dormant 80 robot that Arren brings back to life for a desperate showdown with the relentless killer. But even after one Synthoid has been destroyed, there may be others...

85 mins


Aspect Ratio: Full Screen


Rating: R


DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

Starring: Paul Ganus, Megan Ward, Bill Moseley, Eva Larue, Jack Mcgee

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