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Deadly Doctors 3 DVD Slimline Set

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Watch the deadliest doctors in the Full Moon universe take lives instead of save them! This new collection includes Dr. MOREAU'S HOUSE of PAIN, THE HORRIBLE DOCTOR BONES, and DOCTOR MORDRID. All three DVDs come together in a special, space-saving slimline DVD case.



Some legends are reborn. And some never die...Eric Carson is searching for his brother, an athlete who came to the secret hospital of the legendary Dr. Moreau to help him with a rare blood disease. The boy was subjected to Moreau's radical transplant techniques, an operation that turned him into half man/half panther.

Eric finds his brother more animal than man when he is captured and subjected to a similar operation. Before his animal side can take over completely, Eric rallies the other manimal experiments to revolt against Moreau and make their way to civilization.

72 mins / STEREO / 1.78:1 / Rated R / 2004



The Doctor is in the house...A dynamic rap group called the URBAN PROTECTORS think they've finally gotten their big break when they are discovered by notorious record producer, DR. BONES. What they don't realize is that Dr. Bones has a diabolical plot to dominate the world with an army of zombies who use the Protectors' music as their own deadly anthem.

Move over Dr. Dre...there is a new DOCTOR in the record business!!

72 mins. / STEREO / Widescreen / Rated R / 2001



Man has many ancient enemies...Doctor Mordrid (JEFFREY COMBS; Re-Animator , From Beyond , The 4440 ) has been guarding the gates to the fourth dimension for over a century and now the signs are clear: his eternal foe, Kabal (BRIAN THOMPSON; Cobra , Terminator ) has crossed over and is about to carry out his threat to destroy humankind. It s a battle between two sorcerers with boundless powers, and only one man will reign in the end

74 mins / STEREO / Widescreen / Rated R / 1992

DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0


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