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Delirium Magazine 1 Year Subscription: Issues #17-#22 (INTERNATIONAL ONLY)

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Are you new to Delirium Magazine? Order a one-year subscription (six full color issues) to Full Moon's print magazine Delirium. This purchase starts with Issue #15 and includes issues #17, #18, #19, #20, #21 and #22. Price includes flat International shipping. 

“Full Moon presents DELIRIUM” is a breathless, bold, bloody, beautiful, brainy and ballistic bi-monthly 21-gun-pulp-fiction-salute print periodical dedicated to exploring and celebrating the uninhibited joy of making outrageous movies while high-fiving the fevered audiences who just can’t seem to get enough of that far-out stuff...

Published by Band, produced by the Full Moon Features team and edited by filmmaker, film journalist and FANGORIA Magazine EIC Chris Alexander, DELIRIUM is a passionate work of lurid wonder, jam-packed with exclusive interviews, bizarre stories, garish photos from Band’s expansive and foreboding vaults (many of which have never, ever, EVER been seen before), posters, retrospectives, special FX make-up secrets, laughs, shocks, thrills and chills. DELIRIUM aims to chart indie horror and fantasy’s secret history using the Empire/Full Moon/Band legacy as the foundation but then careening madly into unexpected directions.

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