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Delirium Magazine Issue #22

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22nd Sultry Issue!
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DELIRIUM #22 is here and it's a truly beautiful book, stacked to the ta-tas with tons of wild, weird and witty wordplay, focused squarely on the sort of crazy cult stuff you used to find in the darkest corners of your local mom and pop video store back in the glorious 1980s!


Leading the pack is Lady Sybil Danning, whose role as alpha-dog ass-kicker and co-producer in the daft and delirious Eurocine action flick PANTHER SQUAD is explored in a new interview (and the recent Full Moon Blu-ray/DVD release which you can purchase HERE, as well as a chat about her work in the immortal HOWLING II and a sidebar citing 10 of her most important roles. Dovetailing off our Danning deep-dive, we also have a massive new chat with cult director Jackie Kong speaking on her double-shot of '80s horror faves BLOOD DINER and THE BEING and her greasy cop-comedy NIGHT PATROL. Actress, model and B.C. BUTCHER director Kansas Bowling rolls out her list of her all-time favorite flicks, Toronto shock-rock band Blood Opera gush on their love of classic trash horror and metal, exploitation gems WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY and HITCH HIKE TO HELL are discussed and much, much more await you inside DELIRIUM #22's pretty pages! 

DELIRIUM is published 4 times a year by Full Moon Features and is edited by former FANGORIA EIC Chris Alexander and features FANGORIA legends Michael Gingold and Bill Mohalley as Managing Editor and designer, respectively.

ORDER DELIRIUM #22 NOW or SUBSCRIBE and start your adventure into print-based bloodshed with this very issue!


See you in the frightful pages!

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