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Demonic Toys DVD

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Demonic Toys DVD
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They want to play with you... They're cute and cuddly by day, lethal demons by night. Ruthless killing machines come alive for just one purpose...death. And for five adults in an abandoned warehouse, every child's worst nightmare has become a deadly reality...

While on a stakeout, Judith Gray (Tracy Scoggins), a beautiful, tough cop, is trapped inside a warehouse full of toys. But these are no ordinary playthings they have been awakened to murderous life by a strange child of darkness, "The Kid" (Daniel Cerny). Each toy feeds on blood: Jack Attack heads straight for the throat; Grizzly Teddy is not afraid to show its claws; and Baby Oopsie Daisy is truly to die for. Now it's up to Gray and a passing delivery boy, Mark Wayne (Bentley Mitchum), to stop the deadly, DEMONIC TOYS!

Written by David S. Goyer (writer of Batman Begins, Dark City, Blade trilogy, The Man of Steel)

86 mins
Aspect Ratio: Full Frame
Rating: R
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0

Starring: Tracy Scoggins, Bentley Mitchum, Daniel Cerny Michael Russo, Barry Lynch

Full Moon Features Presents Demonic Toys
Tracy Scoggins Bentley Mitchum Daniel Cerny Michael Russo
Barry Lynch Ellen Dunning
Casting by MacDonald/Bullington C.S.A. Special Visual Effects by Dave Allen
Music Composed by Richard Band Costume Designer Robin Lewis-West
Production Design Billy Jett Edited by Andy Horvitch
Director of Photography Adolfo Bartoli Written by David S. Goyer
Executive Producer Charles Band Directed by Peter Manoogian

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