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Dirty Angels 01: Welcome to Lust Angeles DVD

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Dirty Angels 01: Welcome to Lust Angeles DVD
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Hollywood, California: 

In a town where dreams come to die, all that’s left is reality’s dirty angel.  These are the stories of small town hopes – dashed on the concrete slabs of Sunset Boulevard’s Walk of Fame: tales of ambition and the torrid consequences thereof.  

Bobby came to make movies, but he’ll find the path to a career in filmmaking one with many twists, bends… and bumps, providing him an education in erotica he never would have gotten back home.

Meanwhile, nestled in the Hollywood Hills, is the home of Tracy Hendrickson (Diana Espen), a successful glamour model and trophy wife who escaped her small town existence, but not her nosey, kiss-ass cousin (Juliana Kincaid) who came to stay for the summer.  Can Tracy turn her cousin into a bombshell sex goddess before the summer is over?

Find out, and see what it really takes to make it in this business we call “show”.


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