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Dirty Angels 02: Get Wet DVD (Director's Cut)

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Dirty Angels 02: Get Wet DVD (Director's Cut)
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High in the Hollywood Hills, Ariel (Juliana Kincaid) is learning the ropes of the glamour modeling industry as the renowned photographer Scardino’s assistant, while her cousin Tracy (Diana Espen) takes center stage as his top model.  Ariel dreams of frolicking poolside with the gorgeous models who come to work and play at Scardino’s estate, but in reality she is stuck inflating their beach balls and rubbing oil all over their chiseled bodies.  Will Ariel ever get her time in the sun?  How could a plain girl like her be noticed among such fast company?

Meanwhile, Bobby is acing his Sexual Education course, and his future in the adult film industry is looking bright.  But when seduced by a mysterious neighbor (Angela Nicholas), will Bobby lose his focus, or will he use his newfound skills to prove himself the master of his domain? 

RUNTIME: 101:00


DIRECTOR: Francis Locke

PRODUCER: Robert Amante, Leon Schmoulie

WRITER: Anora Leachim, Leon Schmoulie


Juliana Kincaid

Crissy Comb

Jenna West

Tabitha Stevens

Holly Hollywood

Angela Nicholas

Mollie Green

Diana Espen


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