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Dollman Action Pack 3 Blu-ray Set

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An awesome 3pack of Dollman!
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Dollman Action Pack

TRANCERS legend Tim Thomerson proves that there are no small parts and becomes the diminutive DOLLMAN aka Brick Bardo, a super-small supercop who lands on earth and reluctantly becomes the savior of the human race! Also in this super-charged set, look out for the bloodthirsty playthings known as the DEMONIC TOYS as they wreak all manner of monstrous havoc! Their rampage alerts the attentions of Bardo and the gaggle of goons fight to the death in DOLLMAN VS. DEMONIC TOYS! It's a trio of tiny terror and oddball adventure that you'll never forget!

All three Blu-ray's come packaged together in a special, space-saving 3 Disc Blu-ray case which includes:


Brick Bardo is a crude, rude and tough alien policeman forced to crash-land on Earth. Regular sized on his world, he is only 13-inches tall here on Earth! Bardo must now fight a ruthless gang of street thugs and his old nemesis ‘Sprug’ before he is able to get off Earth.



When Judith discovers the DEMONIC TOYS have returned, she plans to destroy the evil toys at all costs and will stop at nothing to do so. She turns for help to the only person that can help her, the 13-inch alien policeman with an attitude, Brick Bardo, known as the DOLLMAN.


They're cute by day…and lethal demons by night! Toys come alive for just one purpose, to kill! A pregnant police woman and 4 others trapped in a toy warehouse fight for their lives and try to escape the demonic clutches of the deadly toys.

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