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Dollman Kills The Full Moon Universe: OFFER #3 (20 Books)

Your Price: $79.80
Full Moon Comix Issue #1
Part Number: 1292
Availability: Pre-Order - This item will be available on 7/16/2018.


Mini Blade Action Figures will ship mid-July

Announcing Full Moon’s first in-house publishing company & fully curated Comic Book line: FULL MOON COMIX!

It all begins with the title “Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe” featuring cover art by comic book legends. 

And we're so excited to ensure that our faithful fans get all four of these amazing limited edition covers, that we're offering an awesome incentive deal featuring a whole stack-o-killer swag! The more comics you buy...the more cool stuff you get!


These far-out fan incentives will only be available until Monday, July 9th! (purchase links below)

OFFER#1 ($19.95): Buy all 4 covers and get a free $10.00 gift code for FullMoonDirect.com

OFFER#2 ($19.95): Buy all 4 covers and receive a copy of Delirium #17 featuring a 2-page Dollman vs Gingerweed Man story

OFFER#3 ($79.80): Buy a box of x20 comix (x5 copies per cover) and get x10 Mini Blade Action Figures

OFFER#4 ($159.60): Buy a box of x40 comix (x10 copies per cover) and get a Blade 1:1 Scale Replica

OFFER#5 ($239.40): Buy a box of x60 comix (x15 copies per cover) and get a Puppetmaster Blu-ray Trunk

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders over $50!

In stores August 1st and available for PRE-ORDER NOW!

FullMoonDirect orders start shipping July 16th, 2018

Be sure to visit FullMoonComix.com for news, updates and more killer promotions! 

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