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Erotiquest DVD

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Erotiquest DVD
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From deep in the bowels of her castle keep, the Dark Maiden rules the realm with an iron fist.  With a heart as cold as the breastplate that shields it, the Maiden teases her subjects with whips and chains, their moans only serving to heighten her grim ecstasy.

Casting her shadow of deviant lust across the land, none dare challenge the Maiden, save for a noble few.  Rising from the forests and small villages alike, taking to hand whatever might serve in combat, be it hunting bow or plowshare, the goodly citizens of the realm will rise to vanquish this dark presence from their homeland.  And on their way to dispensing justice, they will stop several times to bugger each other in the forest, on the ramparts, in beds and on sofas.  They will perform strip teases and maidens will lie with maidens.  But they will do it on their own terms, hearts girt with passion and freedom.

Herein lies an epic tale of triumph and subjugation, of weal and woe, of swordplay and foreplay.  Have you the cobbles to brave the quest of the Dark Maiden?  Love’s fortune favors the bold!

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