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Head of the Family Blu-ray

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Head of the Family Blu-ray
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Remastered from new HD Transfer!

Something's twisted in Nob Hollow. In the midst of a torrid affair with Loretta, a biker's wife, Lance discovers that the tiny town's weirdest residents, the Stackpoole family, have been doing some hideous human experiments in the bowels of their basement. Lance blackmails Myron Stackpoole (the "Head of the Family") and his psychically controlled siblings into murdering Loretta's husband, but Lance soon finds that he's way in over his head. Join Myron and his creepy clan in their dysfunctional, disfigured den of demented decadence for an abnormally good time.

Special Features:
- Audio commentary with actor J.W. Perra
- Original Trailer
- Bride of the Head Promo
- Full Moon Trailers

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