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Headless Eyes DVD

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Headless Eyes DVD
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He's out there...out of sight and out of his mind!

For fans who howled at THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and DAWN OF THE DEAD, more gruesome gore is in store when blood fills the screen for HEADLESS EYES.

An artist turned housebreaker is discovered by his victim. In their struggle she gouges out his eye with a spoon! With the eye hanging down his cheek by a nerve and driven insane by pain and horror, the artist seeks vengeance on the world-and the sex-that maimed him. He stalks beautiful women through the streets of New York, leaving a gory trail of hideously mutilated bodies that makes headlines and baffles police!

78 mins

Audio: MONO

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1


Rating: R

Year 1971

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

Starring: Bo Brundin   Ramon Gordon  Kelley Swartz  Mary Jane Early 


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