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Horrific DVD

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Nothing will scare you more
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The SCREAMS are dying to get out!

In the established tradition of Full Moon's gothic tales of horror and mayhem comes HORRIFIC! This collection of three stories - re-edited and re-energized - from previous classic films are destined to pull you even deeper into its web of madness. 

In CRYPT OF THE UNDEAD, schoolmates accidentally unearth three undead executioners from their graves during a Ouija board seance who initiate a bloody killing spree. 

Our next tale, TERROR OF VISION, witnesses a brilliant scientist perform his final experiment which seems to be yet another waste of life. But something begins to stir in one of the still eye sockets of the victim...a new form of life has begun. 

In our final story, MASTERS OF DEATH, six teenagers have been chosen to be a part of a terrifying ritual - three destined to be killers and three destined to be the victims - unholy sacrifices that will awaken the sleeping masters.

85 mins
Audio: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: Wide Screen
Rating: R
Year: 2005
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 1
Starring: Patrick Flood  Jeff Peterson  Jacqueline Lovell  Jonathan Norman &
Jason Faunt

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