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Indecent Affairs of a Housewife DVD (Director's Cut)

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Indecent Affairs of a Housewife DVD (Director's Cut)
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Cathy (Ander Page) is a devoted wife who keeps house almost as well as she maintains her trim figure.  But Cathy has a problem: her husband just won’t stop fooling around.  Whether he’s groping her friends at parties, “working late”, or just out goofing with the gang, he always manages to come home smelling like other women.  And when she finds a strange pair of panties in the laundry, Cathy decides to nip her naughty hubby’s late-night rubbies in the bud.

Enlisting the aid of her best gal pal Sandy (Monique Alexander), the spurned housewife launches a campaign of carnal conquest to reclaim her status as the sex goddess of her husband’s universe.  Trying everything from tawdry makeovers to feeding Sandy herself to the hungry beast, Cathy soon learns that if she can’t beat them, she might just have to join them.  And she’s beginning to see her pal Sandy in a whole new light…

RUNTIME: 101:00


DIRECTOR: Francis Locke

PRODUCER: Francis Locke, Leon Schmoulie

WRITER: Anora Leachim, Leon Schmoulie


Ander Page

Monique Alexander

Natasha Vega

Jenna West


Nicole Oring

Monica Mayhem

Darien Ross

Holly Hollywood

Nikita Lea


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