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Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight DVD

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Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight DVD
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Previously only available in box sets on fullmoondirect.com!
Now available as a stand alone, re-released DVD!

The exciting sequel to MANDROID!

In an Eastern European hospital, intrepid American scientist BENJAMIN KNIGHT awakens to a very real nightmare. During his research on a new incredible chemical compound, he has had a horrible accident that has caused an amazing transformation...Benjamin Knight has become invisible!

Wrapped in bandages, Ben retreats to his secret laboratory, where the rest of his high-tech team; the wheelchair-bound WADE and the brilliant beauty ZANNA, race against the clock to find a cure for Ben's "transparent" condition. Meanwhile the disfigured madman DRAGO and his insane, sadistic companions have plans to steal the key to Ben's cure...the powerful and potentially deadly chemical compound "SUPER-CON." Ben ultimately learns to control his new powers of invisibility, and aided by the Super Con-powered robot MANDROID, he and his friends must face the ultimate showdown in a desperate battle to prevent Drago and his cruel crew from turning the Super-Con into a super weapon of destruction.

83 mins
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
Rating: R
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0


Full Moon Entertainment Presents A Jack Esgard Film

"Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight"
Starring Brian Cousins Jennifer Nash Michael Dellafemina Curt Lowens
David Kaufman Alan Oppenheimer and Aharon Ipale as Petroff Director of Photography Cristiano Pogany, A.I.C. Music by David Arkenstone Edited by Mark Manos
Production Designer Ioana Corciova
Makeup Effects by ALCHEMYFX Casting by MacDonald Bullington, C.S.A. Costume Designer Oana Paunescu
Written by Earl Kenton Produced by Vlad Paunescu and Oana Paunescu Executive Producer Charles Band Directed by Jack Ersgard

UPC: 859831003410

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