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Jess Franco's Women in Cellblock 9 DVD

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Jess Franco's Women in Cellblock 9 DVD
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From the fevered, wonderfully perverted minds of Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco and Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich comes the notorious women-in-prison shocker Women in Cellblock 9 (aka Frauen für Zellenblock 9 and Tropical Inferno). The controversial film (it was and remains banned in the U.K.) stars Franco regulars Susan Hemingway, Howard Vernon and Karine Gambier and tells the tale of a gaggle of female freedom-fighters who are taken to a secluded women’s jungle prison where they endure all manner of violent and sexual humiliations.


Like all of the productions in the prolific Franco/Dietrich collaborative cannon (most of which are represented in Full Moon's limited edition Jess Franco DVD Collection), Women in Cellblock 9 is a visually lush, erotic and explicit exploitation masterwork, armed with exotic locations, weird performances and a great, dreamy score by composer Walter Baumgartner.


Full Moon is proud to present this revered Jess Franco classic in a digitally remastered and restored and completely uncut transfer struck directly from Dietrich's own archival negative. Not for the easily offended (but what Franco film is?), Women of Cellblock 9 is an essential trash movie gem not to be missed!

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