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Joe Cracker Badass Dolls Statue

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Joe Cracker Badass Dolls Statue
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HAMBO SAYS: Don't be a butthole - Collect them all!

The BadAss Dolls 9 inch resin statues include:
- Crackwhore
- The Gook
- Joe Cracker
- Butt Pirate
- Hambo the Ranch Hand
- Ooga Booga

Created expressly for the serious collector, the Badass Dolls showcase the soon-to-be-classic characters from the film Ooga Booga struck in signature poses, each limited to 200 figures. Utilizing high-end poly-resin material, our sculptors meticulously created these figurines to exactly match the ingeniously warped vision of Hambo the Ranch Hand's figures in the movie. To augment these figures, a unique poly-resin base was created for each figure, coated with a polished, showroom-style imitation wooden finish.

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