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Laserblast Soundtrack CD

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Laserblast Soundtrack CD
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LASERBLAST Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

Composer: Richard Band & Joel Goldsmith

Original Release Date: 1978 / Re-issued 2015

Duration 46:01 mins

Track Listing:

1 Laserblast Main Title                                                                1:58

2 Mom's Leaving                                                                             :23

3 Billy's Radio # 1                                                                         2:09

4 Grandpa and Kathy                                                                     :50

5 Billy's Radio # 2                                                                         3:16

6 Deputy Chase                                                                              1:19

7 Chuck's Radio # 1                                                                       2:24

8 Alien Blasted/Billy Finds Gun/First Laserblasting            1:49

9 Billy and Kathy                                                                           1:17

10 Aliens in Ship/Alien Boss on Screen                                     :49

11 Tony Discovers Black Spot                                                     1:05 

12 Party Music                                                                               4:27

13 Love Theme After Fight                                                            :48

14 Billy in Mirror/Chuck Goes to Car                                        1:07

15 Chuck's Car Gets Blasted                                                        1:49

16 Tony Arrives at Police Station                                                 :36

17 Operation Montage/Dr. Mellon Examines Billy                1:09

18 Lab Montage

19 Billy at Gas Station

20 Billy and Kathy Make Love

21 More Laserblasting

22 Chuck's Radio # 2

23 Billy Battles Plane

24 Billy Blows Town Up

25 Laserblast End Title

CD Format.


Film Series Synopsis:

Billy was a kid who got pushed around...until he found the power!

Billy's never been able to fit in where he lives; suddenly that's not a problem anymore. A desert exploration leads to an explosive discovery for Billy: his own personal laser gun. It takes a little while to master the controls, but Billy gets the hang of it, just as it gets the hang of him. 

Each time Billy fires the laser it converts him, little by little, into an alien. Billy becomes possessed by the ruthless power in his hands, and becomes a powerful foe. Cars, planes, and people all fall before the awesome alien power that Billy wields. Now he must gain control before the aliens return to claim what's theirs!

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