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Monster Bra: The Lip Bra

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For the tinder date you want to scare away
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From producer, director and MonsterBra creator(!) Charles Band

I ve been a filmmaker for many years and have either produced and or directed over 250 features! The genre I ve specialized in is horror and you can check out my movies and related products by going to www.fullmoondirect.com. The idea for the Monster Bra line came to me last year when I was preparing for my first x18 city road show. At the time I was also getting involved with a great group of people who specialize in the Halloween costume and novelty business and they asked for me to come up with some new and crazy ideas for Halloween 2006. I was introduced to them by the beautiful and extremely talented actress who starred in a feature I directed called THE GINGERDEAD MAN! Anyway the idea of a costume bra where a woman s breasts become creatures/eyeballs/flowers/bigger breasts etc came to me during one inspired night and I quickly put some prototypes together and went to visit our Halloween friends. They freaked out over the bras and called the idea the most original they had seen in years! We made a deal that day and apparently many MonsterBras will be available for Halloween 2006! I then decided to take the x4 original prototype bras on the road with me for my x18 city tour and had volunteers (hot chicks!) in every city put them on and join me on stage! The audiences LOVED the bras and to date we ve had over 1000 emails from people asking how and where they can find them! So here s what s happening: On May 9th the first 4 bras will be available thru this site and probably later this summer at retail. We only have 500 of each coming in from the first shipment and we are now starting to take pre-orders. I have many ideas for other bras and we re working on the second series right now! Have fun and freak people out with absolutely unique MonsterBra! - CHARLES BAND on 2-2006

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