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Necropolis DVD

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Necropolis DVD
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Beneath the metropolis there is...NECROPOLIS!

Reincarnated "Satanic Witch" from New Amsterdam, circa 1600's comes back to revive her cult members by sucking the life force out of people...

Three hundred years after a murderous witch is burned at the stake, she returns to New York as a motorcycle-riding New Wave punkette to capture the souls of drug addicts, prostitutes, and other degenerates to complete the ritual that will preserve her youth in the name of evil.

Directed by: Bruce Hickey

77 mins.


Aspect Ratio: Full Screen


Rated R

Year: 1987


Region: 0

Starring: LeeAnne Baker (Breeders, Mutant Hunt, Bad Girls Dormitory), Michael Conte, Jacquie Fitz

Necropolis Trailer - FULLMOONDIRECT.COM (Grindhouse Collection)

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