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Netherworld Soundtrack CD

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Netherworld Soundtrack CD
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Netherworld Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - CD

Containing all 14 tracks from the David Bryan scored cult classic Netherworld, this soundtrack will delight any horror fan looking to expand their CD collection, With songs featuring rock 'n roll legend Edgar Winter, this disc is a must have for fans of horror or rock music.

Track Listing

1 Stranger to Love               4:45

2 Tonk's Place                      2:35

3 Birds of a Feather              2:41

4 Black Magic River             2:51

5 Open Door Policy              3:44

6 My Father's Sins               3:13

7 The Ceremony                  5:09

8 Into the Netherworld         3:42

9 If I Didn't Love You           4:11

10 Inherit The Dead             2:55

11 Mirror Image                    3:41

12 What's Your Pleasure      4:50

13 100 Reasons                   5:06

14 Netherworld Waltz           5:27

CD format.

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Film Synopsis

After inheriting a sprawling estate in the bayous of Louisiana, Corey Thornton’s life is about to change forever. Through instructions left to him at the mansion, Corey learns of his father’s bizarre plan and last wish to be resurrected and is introduced to a very sensual and sexy woman, Delores, a mistress of black magic who was involved with his father.

Now, haunted by the ghost of his father, surrounded by the enticing ways of black magic, and driven by the mad desire for the mysterious Delores, Corey is about to enter that world beyond imagination known as – THE NETHERWORLD.

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