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Parasite Big Box VHS (signed/numbered)

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Includes a FREE copy of Delirium Issue#17
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PARASITE Bites Back in VHS and Print!

Each copy is SIGNED and NUMBERED out of 300 

Screaming back from Full Moon's storied history comes Charles Band's classic 3D sci-fi monster shocker PARASITE, the 1982 flick that helped usher in the rebirth of 3D horror movies in the early part of the decade. But this legendary Band chiller was also a hit in 2D on VHS the following year, taking its first bow via Band's now immortal Wizard Video imprint.

To tie-in with our DELIRIUM #17 cover story PARASITE flashback issue, we've re-released that long out-of-print "Big Box" VHS in an exact clone of its original release. And while that original tape now goes for big bucks on eBay and other collectors market, this GOREgeous LIMITED EDITION gatefold VHS reissue costs only $29.95! And just because we LOVE you, Full Moon will give every customer who purchases one of the 300 signed and numbered PARASITE VHS tapes from a FREE copy of DELIRIUM #17! It's the ULTIMATE PARASITE fan's bloody wet dream!

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