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Passions of the Lost Idol DVD

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Passions of the Lost Idol DVD
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Ancient objects of sensual power are buried all around us, just waiting for a sexy team of Archaeology students to dig them up.  When these lusty artifacts are finally unearthed, their erotic energies are released, and any who touch them are seduced by the primal urges of a primitive people who, free of shame or modern distractions, had little else to do with their lives than rut around in the warm sun. 

Witness the carnal passions of the ancients embodied in contemporary beauties as these sexually charged totems are released into “civilized” society.  Will these tokens of fertility find a place in our modern era, or will the unbridled passion they release drag polite society into a quagmire of non-stop, sweaty fornication?

Dare you unearth your deepest desires and leap headlong into the Passions of the Lost Idol?


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