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Raid on Passion Planet DVD

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Raid on Passion Planet DVD
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In the depths of sexy space, orbiting the hottest star in the galaxy, is a planet of space babes and astro-nymphs who crave a close encounter with the men of Earth. These cosmic cuties have nothing to do all day but frolic in the company of the other nubile natives of the Passion Planet.  

But not all is soft and pink on this orgasmic orb.  Wicked Women’s Prison Colony Wardens and Puritanical Political Putas threaten to harsh the welcoming vibe of this homogenous hive of horny hotties, and when interplanetary invaders arrive to haul their sisters onto sex trafficking slave ships, they set their phasers to stun for a red hot revenge.  

So put your ion engines on full thrust and engage these interstellar beauties in a sensual showdown in the naked reaches of seductive space and witness firsthand the perils of a poontang planet.

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