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Real Naughty Housewives DVD

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Unsatisfied with her trifling husband, Gwen (Griffin Drew) decides to beat him at his own game.  If he can cheat, she’s gonna catch a ride on the “D” train and hit every stop on the way to a grand country estate that hosts Victorian themed sex weekends.  And when these horny historical reenactments hit full swing, the corsets fly off!

Diving into her role as Lady of the Manor, Gwen puts the house servants to task, dusting every nook - and let’s not even start on the crannies!  Soon, all of slutty suburbia gets in on the lurid live-action roleplay, and “having the neighbors for dinner” takes on a whole new meaning.  

Joined by her easily corrupted friends, Gwen goes headlong down the rabbit hole while getting hers filled.  Can one woman have too much promiscuous sex?  

RUNTIME: 101 mins


DIRECTOR: Sybil Richards


Griffin Drew

Kira Reed

Shauna O’Brien

Darby Daniels

Sandy Wasko

Kris Andre

Landon Hall

Ahmo Hight

Shannon Malone

Angel Sparks

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