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Real Naughty Virtual Virgins DVD

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Strap on your VR helmet and plug into a fantasy beyond your wildest dreams. When nebbish Mel develops a Virtual Reality machine, he takes his campus – and the world – by storm. 

Soon everyone wants to get in on the craze and digital foreplay becomes the new national pastime. Indeed, they cut right to it. No flying or exploring strange new worlds, just straight to the funny business, never to even broach the notion of using the system for anything but simulated coitus. And bless them for it! For in their world, this world of Virtual Virgins, every waterfall cascades over embracing lovers, every forest glen hides naked nymphs, and every conflict ends in passionate romance, because the virtual world is one of blissful perfection, free of danger and strife. 

Welcome to a paradise of the information age where everyone, no matter how jaded and defiled, is a Virtual Virgin.

Directed by:

Sybil Richards


Brandy Davis

Elizabeth Kaitan

Jill Tompkins

Kara Styler

Bethany Lorraine

Nikki Fritz

Andrea R Hargity

Lori Morrissey

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