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SIGNED Delirium Magazine Issue #13

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SIGNED Delirium Magazine Issue #13
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“Full Moon presents DELIRIUM” is a breathless, bold, bloody, beautiful, brainy and ballistic bi-monthly 21-gun-pulp-fiction-salute print periodical dedicated to exploring and celebrating the uninhibited joy of making outrageous movies while high-fiving the fevered audiences who just can’t seem to get enough of that far-out stuff...

Published by Band, produced by the Full Moon Features team and edited by filmmaker, film journalist and FANGORIA Magazine EIC Chris Alexander, DELIRIUM is a passionate work of lurid wonder, jam-packed with exclusive interviews, bizarre stories, garish photos from Band’s expansive and foreboding vaults (many of which have never, ever, EVER been seen before), posters, retrospectives, special FX make-up secrets, laughs, shocks, thrills and chills. DELIRIUM aims to chart indie horror and fantasy’s secret history using the Empire/Full Moon/Band legacy as the foundation but then careening madly into unexpected directions.


For our 13th lucky issue, DELIRIUM slides deep into THE TWILIGHT ZONE, celebrating both the iconic TV series (which ran on CBS from 1959-1964 and is still in heavy syndication worldwide) and the writer and innovator that created the show, Rod Serling. Serling was a moralist and humanist who famously used sci-fi, fantasy and horror tropes to hide real stories of mankind at his best and worst and, in these troubled times, we need his presence more than ever. Serling's daughter, author Anne Serling, joins us for this special limited edition issue and inside you'll find exclusive essays, interviews all centered around the "House that Rod Built".

But that's not all! DELIRIUM #13 also continues our look at 1980s ALLIGATOR, features a new interview with martial arts superstar Cynthia Rothrock, Rolf Kanefsy talks his latest thriller THE BLACK ROOM and director Richard Rush and actress Lesley Anne Warren remember their notorious sex thriller COLOR OF NIGHT. Plus tons more! 


H.M. Wynant – Actor, “The Howling Man” episode of The Twilight Zone

Rolfe Kanefsky – Director of The Black Room, Writer of The Killer Eye

Esther Goodstein- Producer of The Black Room

Robert Donovan- Actor, The Black Room, Curse of the Puppet Master, Murdercycle, Spooky Town

Victoria DeMare- Actress, The Black Room, Killjoy’s Psycho Circus, Killjoy Goes To Hell, Killjoy 3

Julia Lehman- Actress, The Black Room

Elissa Dowling- Actress, The Black Room

Augie Duke- Actress, The Black Room

Catherine Annette- Actress, The Black Room

Alex  Rinehart- The Black Room

David DelValle- Writer, Delirium Magazine, host of Haunted Hollywood film series.

Jason Bene – Writer, Delirium Magazine

Kalyn Corrigan- Writer, Delirium Magazine

Derek Botelho- Writer, Delirium Magazine

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