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Secret Sins DVD

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Secret Sins DVD
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When ex-wild child Diane (Jacey Andrews) decides to settle down and get married, she means business.  And when she joins her new husband and some friends (including Gina Ryder and Miss Felony) for a weekend in the country, her fast past comes back to haunt her.  Will she reconcile with the fact that she banged her husband’s best friend on a jogging trail some months back, or will she fall headlong into the swinging party girl lifestyle that her slutty cabin mates have made all too welcoming for her?  Is one man enough to sate her lusty appetites, or will Diane take it upon herself to spice things up a bit?  In this common law cabin, how much loving does a normal couple need?


Jacy Andrews

Gina Ryder

Miss Felony

James Bonnm

Alex Ferro


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