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Secrets of a French Maid DVD

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Naughty secrets kept by a naughty french maid!
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Revisiting the success of his original 1968 German softcore hit, Erwin C. Dietrich rode the wave of post-'60s sexual liberation with his wildly erotic 1980 remake SECRETS OF A FRENCH MAID (aka COME PLAY WITH ME 2). Based on - as was the original - the well-read erotica novel Die Nichten der Frau Oberst by Guy de Maupassant, the film stars the incredible Brigitte Lahaie (THE AMOROUS SISTERS) and Pascal Vitale (Jess Franco's FACELESS) as the perpetually horny nieces of the randy and ribald Lady Oberst (played by Karine Gambier, VOODOO PASSION). Together, these three comely women of culture embark on an uninhibited quest to fill their collective voids with as many sexual partners as possible, in as many exotic locales they can find. Things only get hotter when the titular French housekeeper reveals that her lusty desires are even more extreme than her employers and soon all four ladies are sticking it to polite society while getting stuck themselves, over and over again.

Dietrich regulars Eric Falk (MAD FOXES, BARBED WIRE DOLLS) and France Lomay (SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS) also show up in Dietrich's jubilant flesh-fest, which features enough male and female nudity for a dozen dirty flicks. Full Moon is once more pleased to be presenting this Erwin C. Dietrich masterclass in masturbatory thrills in a sumptuously restored, fully uncut remastered DVD struck from Dietrich's own 35mm negative. Grab your feather duster and get down on "the help" with this outrageous bit of vintage erotica!

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