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Sex School: Final Exams DVD

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Sex School: Final Exams DVD
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We’ve come to the end of another sexy semester at Camella Swales U, and it’s time for these ladies to cram for the final exam.  Join us on a candid campus tour and visit the voluptuous valedictorians, hot and horny honor students, and unabashed undergrads who make up our student body.  Headmistress Jackie presents her Dean’s list, featuring only those ladies with the highest GPA (Girly Poontang Appreciation) score.  And believe us, she grades on a curve.  So catch all the action as these dynamos in d-cups spread more than their wings and sexplore new horizons as they go all the way down on higher education.


Jacqueline Lovell

Ava Vincent

Sandy Wasko

Holly Sampson

Shauna O’Brien

Vanessa Blair

Griffin Drew

Bethany Lorraine

Venesa Talor

Darby Daniels

Taimie Hannum

Amber Newman

Julia Ann

Nikki Fritz

Ahmo Hight

And many more!

DIRECTOR: Cybil Richards

PRODUCERS: Pat Siciliano, Lindsey Schmitz

WRITER: Leon Schmoulie


RUNTIME: 101:00

ASPECT RATIO: 4x3 (1.33)

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