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Sex School: Lessons of Lust DVD

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Sex School: Lessons of Lust DVD
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Here at The Swales School For Girls, we pride ourselves on shaping the minds – and bodies – of the future.  Our diverse curriculum ranges from Cunnilinguistics to Women-On-Women’s Studies.  Our small class sizes promise our students the one-on-one attention they deserve from hands-on, experienced faculty.  Tough but firm, our staff knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure to get results.  And don’t forget to take advantage of our top-notch recreation facilities.  Whether you get wet by the pool or get felt on the pool table, there’s a good chance your double entendre will result in a ménage a trois on our campus.

In this episode:

Freshman Venus makes some new friends while Ginger takes a break from the books… to study herself.  Babs and Paula practice their watersports, and the cheer squad huddles up.


Nicole Sheridan

Ann Marie

Lezley Zen

Chelsea Bleu

Ava Vincent

Keri Windsor

Miss Felony

Wendy Divine

Terry Weigel


Tina Tyler


Jacy Andrews

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