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Shifter DVD

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Shifter DVD
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He has the power!

From unassuming teenager to savior of the universe, Alex Brown had no idea that he would inherit the awesome challenge of saving his ex-secret agent parents and protecting the planet from evil powers bent on controlling the world's plutonium supply. 

With the assistance of the 360-year-old sorcerer Jenco, Alex uses his new found magical shapeshifting power to rescue his parents, become master and protector of both the mystical glass harmonica and the life stone.

95 mins
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
Rating: Not Rated
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0

Starring: Paul Nolan, Bill Macdonald, Catherine Blythe, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Teodor Danetti, Serban Celea 

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