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Shrunken Heads DVD

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Shrunken Heads DVD
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When you NEED a little HEAD!

Inspired by their favorite comic book heroes, young Tommy and his pals take it upon themselves to clean up their menacing neighborhood by busting the local street punks. But the three youths run into big trouble for all their good intentions in the form of Big Mo (Meg Foster), the local crime boss and all around bully. Mo wastes no time in wasting the trio of irritating do-gooders.

But Sumatra (Julius Harris), a retired (but still practicing) voodoo specialist revives the boys with a healthy dose of mumbo-jumbo. Empowered beyond their wildest dreams, the shrunken trio head out to take on Big Mo and her boys!

Starring: Meg Foster, Julius Harris, Aeryk Egan, Becky Herbst, A.j. Damato  

-Directed by Richard Elfman (founding member of Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman's brother)
-score composed by Danny Elfman and Richard Band
-DVD features "banned" original cover art

86 mins


Aspect Ratio: Full Screen


Rating: R


DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

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