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Sins of a Glamour Girl DVD

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Sins of a Glamour Girl DVD
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She’s been a bad girl.

Lingerie model Katya Lee (Monica Mayhem) is the hottest thing on film, and she knows it.  She takes what she wants and gets her way.  She always makes a scene at the hottest parties, where she gets everyone in the mood, and keeps them “up” until the early morning hours.  But despite her swinging lifestyle, Katya never misses a workout, pumping hard and working up a sweat by herself, or with a buddy.  

Bored of the supermodel grind, Katya decides to go on vacation with her friend (Ann Marie).  But when she learns that the five star resort isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, will Katya bare her fangs, or will she make the most of it and warm up to a few new friends?  Find out as you witness the life, loves, and sins of a glamour girl.

RUNTIME: 101:00


DIRECTOR: Francis Locke

PRODUCER: Francis Locke, Leon Schmoulie

WRITER: Anora Leachim, Leon Schmoulie


Monica Mayhem

Akira Lane

Amanda Auclair

Brandy G


Jacklyn Lick

Ann Marie


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