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Stuart Gordon Double Threat 2 Blu-ray Set

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From the fevered mind of "Master of Horror" Stuart Gordon
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Stuart Gordon Double Threat

From the fevered mind of "Master of Horror" Stuart Gordon, the visionary director who brought you the groundbreaking gore-fests RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, comes two of Full Moon's most savage motion pictures! THE PIT & THE PENDULUM stars Lance Henriksen as the brutal Torquemada, whose tortures know no limits. CASTLE FREAK reunites RE-ANIMATOR's Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton in this violent, tragic story of a flesh-eating wretch haunting the bowels of a castle and the family who falls prey to him. Settle in for a stylish, nightmarish night of horror with this gory Gordon double-shot!

Both Blu-ray's come packaged together in a special, space-saving 2 Disc Blu-ray case which includes:


The Spanish Inquisition and Torquemada will stop at nothing to save souls even if it means torture. Maria, a peasant becomes Torquemada’s infatuation and finds herself in a race to save herself and her husband from the deadly inquisition!



John, Susan and their daughter move into a castle that they have inherited in Italy. When mutilated bodies begin to turn-up, they discover that a blood thirsty and deformed creature haunts the castle halls.

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