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Subspecies Soundtrack CD

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Subspecies Soundtrack CD
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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Performed by: THE AMAN FOLK ORCHESTRA


1. Lord of the Vampires
2. Main Title
3. Welcome to Romania
4. Danse Macabre
5. A Taste for Blood
6. Stefan Give Chase
7. The Defense Wall/While Princes Sleep
8. Eternal Thirst
9. The Legend Revealed
10. Death at the Mask Dance
11. Bring me the Bloodstone/Evil in the Woods
12. The King is Dead
13. Exploring the Village
14. Love Theme
15. Subspecies' Lust
16. Funeral for Lillian
17. Where Lies Radu
18. Leave While you Can
19. Radu Must be Destroyed
20. Saved by the Vampires
21. The Vampires Rises
22. Holy Ground
23. Swords of the Undead
24. Blood Marriage

CD format.

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Film Synopisis:

Deep within the heart of Romania, a suppressed evil from the past has come back to haunt the present, and three young beauties have stumbled onto its path...

Michelle and Lillian are two American students who have joined their friend Mara in Romania for their studies of the ancient myths and legends of Transylvania. But Myth turns into reality when the women become the object of desire of Radu, an evil vampire obsessed with making them his consorts. Radu creates an army of hellish creatures of the night-a Subspecies-to help him carry out his plan. What he underestimates are the powers of his brother Stefan, a good vampire who has fallen in love with Michelle and wants to save them all from the wrath of his brother. At the same time, Stefan discovers that Radu has murdered their father, King Vlad, and is trying to take control of the kingdom. Radu wants to break the centuries-old tradition established by the king so that vampires would only feed on animals rather than humans in order to survive.

In the final showdown of good versus evil, Stefan must fight his wicked brother and the new vampires Radu has created, in his effort to save his loves and the lives of all in the kingdom.

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