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Swedish Boarding School Girls DVD

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Swedish Boarding School Girls DVD
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From the leering, lusty and lascivious mind of Swiss sex film Sultan Erwin C Dietrich comes one of the most delightfully dirty movies of his career: SWEDISH BOARDING SCHOOL GIRLS! 

Directing here under his often used pseudonym Michael Thomas, Dietrich goes the distance with this ribald and raunchy magnum opus (also known as UNTAMED SEX and 6 SWEDS ON CAMPUS) that serves as a companion film to his almost as filthy flick SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS (also on DVD from Full Moon). Once more, Dietrich casts French erotica superstars Brigitte Lahaie (AMOROUS SISTERS), France Lomay (EMMANUELLE 3, OASIS OF THE LOST ZOMBIES) and Nadine Pascual (WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND) as sexually uninhibited stunners causing all manner of mayhem at their exclusive Swiss boarding school. Cheekily shaking the system and subjecting the faculty to endless pranks and assorted hijinks, the gals also make plenty of time to freely explore their desires with male and female coeds before jumping on their bikes and peddling their puta’s out to the picturesque countryside in search of new conquests. Like the best of Dietrich’s soft-core pictures, SWEDISH BOARDING SCHOOL GIRLS forges pedestrian plot contrivances and instead loosely focusing on the curious girls themselves, illustrating their immoral exploits in a series of cheeky, amusing and arousing vignettes whose design is to titillate. 

Full Moon is ticked to be bringing this rare and rude sex-tastic romp to DVD in a pristine new digitally remastered, totally uncut edition struck from Dietrich’s own 35mm negative. Bunk with the beauties in their dirty dorm and you’ll learn lessons that no school dare teach!

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