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The Day Time Ended [Remastered] DVD

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A futuristic solar home in the far desert was supposed to be their refuge from urban crime...

A family finds its "dream house" becomes a home for nightmares of the alien kind. The new desert domicile has all the trappings of modernistic bliss, including solar power. Then something happens, having to do with a tri-star blast that irradiates Earth, and alters the family's life in strange ways. Soon spaceships and dinosaur-like creatures appear in the backyard, which lies just feet away from a mysterious glow. 

Starring Jim Davis, Dorothy Malone, Natasha Ryan, Christopher Mitchum, and Marcy Lafferty

Directed by John Cardos

Special Features:

Audio commentary by Wayne Schmidt & Paul Gentry

Rare Photo Gallery

Color: NTSC

Rating: R

Runtime: 80 mins

Sound: Stereo

Production Date: 1979

Aspect Ratio: 2:35:1 Widescreen

Format: DVD

Region Code: Region Free


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