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The Jess Franco DVD Collection (10 DVD's)

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The Jess Franco DVD Collection (10 DVD's)
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From the fevered minds of notorious Spanish exploitation filmmaker Jesus "Jess" Franco and larger-than-life Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich comes the ultimate erotic Eurocult DVD series ever! 

Collecting all 10 of Full Moon's gorgeously packaged, digitally remastered (from Dietrich's own 35mm negatives) releases, this sumptuous sets shoves the box spines together to reveal a sexy and slick Franco mural (art by Ryan Brookhart). Each DVD comes packed with awesome extras and are totally, fully uncut. 

NOTE: These smoking hot horror and exploitation classics are for ADULTS ONLY!


Barbed Wire Dolls

Blue Rita

Jack the Ripper

Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun

Love Camp

Marquise De Sade

Sexy Sisters


Women in Cellblock 9

Voodoo Passion

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