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The Legend of the Wolf Woman DVD

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The Legend of the Wolf Woman DVD
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A TRUE story so brutal and horrifying it was kept from the public for over a century!

On the night of the full moon, deep within a forest, a beautiful young woman starts a rhythmic, ritualistic dance into a circle of fire... As she reaches a frenzied climax, she collapses on the ground, writhing and groaning as her pure skin and lovely features assume the ugliness of a wild animal. She leaves a trail of bloody killings across the country-side as she runs for her life. Can love be the cure for this terrifying transformation or will the beautiful Daniella continue to return to her werewolf image?

Witness... the horrifying LEGEND OF THE WOLF WOMAN!

aka La Lupa Mannara, She-Wolf, Terror of the She Wolf and Naked Werewolf Woman

79 mins

Audio: MONO

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1


Rating:  Not Rated

Year 1976

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0

Starring: Annik Borel  Howard Ross   Dagmar Lassander   Frederick Stafford

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