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The Passion Chronicles DVD

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Dual-Sided Forbidden Wrap!
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The Passion Chronicles

Enter a world where Vampire cults seduce young, unwitting beauties into their bloodthirsty ranks. Where experimental cyborgs built for pleasure travel through time warps to spread their message of free love. See sexy paradoxes of time and space converge on a carnal cosmic trip that threatens the very fabric of reality, humping and gyrating across the infinite tableau of creation. Dare to gaze upon the passionate perils contained within these arousing hours of autoerotic adventure. Packed with comely cuties cut straight from the comics, we bring you bold adventure for adults where the risks are risqué and the escapades are explicit, with all hazards handled by horny hotties. So brave the bawdy and bold baddies from beyond with these highly sexed heroes and buckle in for an orgiastic odyssey into the unknown.

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