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The Surrender Anthology DVD Collection (12 DVD's)

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The Surrender Anthology Series is a passionate revisiting of your favorite Surrender moments, in a whole new story. Each feature is brimming with beauties and the sexy scenes that made them the stars of softcore. 

Sure to leave you satisfied, each DVD includes a Dual-Sided "Forbidden Wrap" and sinfully special features. Put all 12 DVD's together to form a canvas of carnal delights that any true collector will crave.


Femaliens: Seduction of the Species

Real Naughty Housewives


Real Naughty Vice Girls

Real Naughty Virtual Virgins

Real Naughty Real Wild

Real Naughty Housewives 2

Raid on Passion Planet

Strippers Exposed

Secret Swingers Society 

Real Naughty Vice Girls 2

The Passion Chronicles

NOTE: These smoking hot features are for ADULTS ONLY!

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