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The Ultimate Puppet Master Collectable Trunk

The True PM Collection
Part Number: 1352
Availability: Not for Sale

A replica of the mystical Andre Toulons travelling case in the Puppet Master franchise, Toulons Trunk is a stunning wood and metal-forged box set containing all 11 official Puppet Master films remastered on Blu-ray as well as a bonus disc, and a mini Blade figure! 


**We ship worldwide via USPS: you will receive a tracking # from stamps.com once your order ships (please check your spam folder)

**Estimated International shipping costs are: Canada $40, Australia/UK $50

**All trunks will be carefully double packaged with bubble wrap/padding to help avoid damage during transit

**We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Future Pay (signup during the checkout process) or Domestic Check/Money Order (all checks/money orders MUST be received at 1626 N Wilcox Ave, Ste. 474, Los Angeles, CA 90028 within 2 WEEKS of placing your order or your order will be cancelled)

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