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The Vault DVD

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Locked inside, youre going to die.
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Don't release what you can't put BACK!

Housed inside a vault, in the basement of an abandoned school, is an evil that has been locked away for over a hundred years.  A newly widowed high school teacher and five of his students go to the school to "save" any memorabilia before it is torn down.

But something terrible happens.  The students mistakenly free an evil spirit and the school becomes a prison with no way to escape.  Now the teacher and his five students must face the horror and confine the spirit to the vault again...before he kills them and escapes into the world! 

85 mins
Aspect Ratio: Letterbox
Rating: UR
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0
Starring: Michael Cory Davis, Shani Pride, Ted Lyde, Leopoldo Papi, Austin Priester

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